Boerboel Dogs Make Great Guard Dogs for Families

Boerboel Guard DogsIf you are looking for a great dog to protect both your family and your property, a Boerboel dog may be the best type of dog for you. This dog was bred for the purposes of becoming a great guard dog that is extremely protective of its owner and its owner’s property. In addition, this type of dog does very well with the family and is very good around children, even young children. Below are some of the best features about the Boerboel breed to help you determine if this type of guard dog is right for your family.

Strong and Intelligent

The Boerboel dog is a rather large dog. The female dogs can range from 23 to 25-inches tall and the males dogs can get as tall as 25 to 28-inches high. Both male and female dogs can weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. The mere size of this type of dog can be very intimidating to strangers on your property. To match its strength, these dogs are also very intelligent and are easy to train if done properly from an early age. While the Boerboel dog will intimidate most strangers, they will quickly back down at your command, and will be fine with the stranger once they are introduced.

Great Temperament for the Family

Unlike, some other types of guard dogs, the Boerboel dog has a very calm and stable temperament. They get along well with kids and will easily allow them to ride on their back or tug at them without being bothered. They love attention and will play catch with the family for hours at a time. They are extremely loyal, which makes them very unlikely to turn on their owners or members of the family. These dogs do require a lot of exercise, so they do well with an active family who will allow them to run outside for long periods at a time.

Overall Great Health

There are very little health risks associated with the Boerboel dogs. As long as they are well cared for they will remain healthy for many years to come. The only major complaints about this breed is that in rare cases they form elbow or hip dysplasia later in life, along with possibly vaginal hyperplasia and juvenile epilepsy. Although these cases are not very common, it is important that your dog receive proper care and receives regular checkups.

In general, this breed can be a great guard dog, even for those with younger children. In order to maintain control of your Boerboel dog, it is important that you properly train the dog as early as possible. Once properly trained, this breed will protect your family from predators and intruders. These dogs have been known to fight to the death in order to protect their owners or their owner’s property.

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