Boerboels – Brains vs Brawn

Boerboel Brain vs BrawnAs a keen lover of boerboels, I have to admit that, in general, they do look a little dozy and their sedentary manner does nothing to dispel the perception that they are muscle heads with very little grey matter. This is another common misconception I am pleased to disprove. Boerboels are incredibly intelligent dogs! With a sixth sense for emotion, a boerboel can sniff out undesirable characteristics and traits in humans. If your boerboel is not partial to someone – listen to him! Guaranteed, there will be something amiss. Boerboels learn quickly and respond well to training, provided positive methods are used. Furthermore, training, once done, is entrenched. Provided you consistently apply training principles, you will not have to keep up with refresher courses like some other breeds. You can teach a boerboel to do anything you wish – sit, stay, lie down, roll over, play fetch, walk on a lead. Boerboels are also pretty easy to housebreak compared to other breeds. One of the best mental and physical sports for a boerboel is weight pulling – either casually in the garden or more competitively – your boerboel will love it and it is one of the best ways to exercise your dog. The boerboel is consistently ranked in the top 10 strongest dog breeds in the world. However, they not only possess physical strength, but they have exceptional strength of character too. Traits like self-assuredness, confidence, fearlessness and intuition characterize this breed. They are very responsive to their family and have an uncanny ability to sense threats. In the face of danger, the boerboel will assume his place next to his master and wait for instruction.

Not only are they loaded with intelligence, but they are nothing short of physical masterpieces. Bred as working farm dogs, hunters and protectors from the best mastiff breeding stock, they have physical prowess, strength and agility. These dogs are courageous and brave in the face of danger with the physical ability to back it up. The boerboel has very well defined muscles covering his large frame and despite the enormous size, moves with graceful ease. These athletic dogs move purposefully and powerfully. Watching a boerboel run at full speed is a truly impressive and majestic sight. The size, strength and stealth of the boerboel breed means they are prized worldwide as hunters of big game. Not only are they incredibly skilled trackers with the ability to take out ferocious animals much bigger than themselves, but they are strong enough to keep the prey under control until the hunter arrives. Some would argue that the boerboel is actually the king of the jungle since in Africa they were commonly used to hunt lions – absolutely fearless dogs!

Boerboels are a mighty breed and can be man stopping beasts, but their gentle sensitive nature has meant that in recent years they have been employed and trained as therapy dogs for mentally handicapped children. The boerboel is disciplined, obedient and never aggressive unless told to be, which makes it an ideal breed to use for interactions with special needs children. These dogs, with their innate tracking and protective instincts and fierce, imposing stance are also becoming a popular choice for guarding and police work. The use of the boerboel for such important work speaks to the overall reliability and trustworthiness of the breed as well as their stable temperament and trainability.

These powerhouse dogs are among the strongest in the world and without a doubt one of the best guarding breeds. What makes them so sought after is, in addition to their unstoppable strength and power, they are intelligent enough to know when NOT to use their brute force!

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