Feeding Boerboels

Feeding BoerboelsBoerboels grow quickly and feeding Boerboels the correct amounts and ideal foods can be difficult.  From birth to around nine months, Boerboels gain one to two kilograms each week.  Growing puppies seem to have an insatiable appetite.  That does not warrant feeding them by the shovelful.  Bone and joint problems can be caused by excessive weight that results from overfeeding.

Pups need to be fed the amount that keeps them in trim condition.  The waist should be a little thinner than the ribcage.  Seeing a little rib outline is acceptable but seeing too much rib means the dog is too thin.  At 12 weeks the trim physique should be developed.  That physique needs to be maintained throughout the dog’s life span.  A Boerboel in trim condition is allowed to grow on its own time table.  Joints remain tight.  Bones are straight and strong.  A longer life with fewer problems is likely.

The correct amount of food takes a while to determine.  It is suggested that dogs be fed an amount of food than seems reasonable to the owner.  After a week, the dog should be examined from the top and side on.  If the waist is slightly smaller than the ribcage, the correct amount of food is being fed.  When all the ribs show, the dog is not being fed enough.  The food portion should be increased by 50 percent.  Decrease the portion by 20 percent if the waist is the same or wider than the ribcage.  Continue monitoring every week until the proper portion is established.

Food needs change as the Boerboel matures.  The amount of food will probably increase from two months to a year in age.  A more consistent level will be consumed from ages one to five.  As the dogs get older, they are less active.  The energy need decreases.  Less food is required to keep the dogs in trim condition.

Tips for Feeding Boerboels

Alternating between raw meaty bones and conventional dry dog food is a good diet for Boerboels.  It is important to provide raw bones.  Raw bones are natural food for dogs.  Cooking the bones has two disadvantages.  When cooked bones are chewed, they can splinter and cause damage or death as they pass through the digestive system.  Also, cooking removes nutrients from the meat and bones.  Variety can be put into the diet with the choice of bones.  Suitable bones include raw beef bones like tail or brisket, lamb shanks and flaps, or raw chicken backs, carcasses, or necks.  Dry food should not contain more than 20 percent protein.  Higher protein content has proven to cause puppies’ legs to bow.

Boerboel pups should be fed two times each day until they reach six or seven months.  From that time on, feeding once in the morning or evening is sufficient.  Fasting one day each week allows the dogs’ digestive systems to rest. These simple feeding Boerboels tips should help your puppy leave a healthy, active life.

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