Proper Care for Boerboel Dogs

Proper Care for Boerboel DogsBoerboel dogs are natural-born guard dogs that are native to South Africa. They are large muscular dogs that are also very intelligent and loyal to their owner. These dogs can grow as high as 28-inches and weigh as much as 200 pounds. They can be a very calm and stable breed, but due to their large size and natural protective instinct, it is vital that these dogs be properly cared for throughout their life. Proper care for Boerboel dogs is necessary to keep your Boerboel happy and healthy.


It is very important that a Boerboel dog look to their owner as their leader from the time it is very young. These dogs are pack animal, and they will look to their owner to be their pack leader. If this does not happen at an early age, the dog could consider itself as the pack leader making it more difficult to train.


The Boerboel breed is a very active breed and requires a lot of exercise throughout the day. It is best if you have a fenced in outdoor space for your dog. While this breed does require a lot of outdoor exercise, you should be leery about letting your dog stay outside alone. Use a strong, high fence if you intend to leave them unsupervised outdoors. This is because they are very protective of the home and property and may not be very friendly to strangers who come onto your property. This breed also enjoys playing fetch outside, and is often willing to play this game for hours.

Social Interaction

Boerboel dogs can be kept either inside or outside the home. It is important, however, that if you choose to keep the dog outside most of the day, you must be sure to spend part of the day playing or caring for your dog. Without regular social interaction, your dog can become depressed, agitated and even destructive. Social interactions are one of the most often overlooked areas when it comes to proper care for Boerboel dogs.

Proper Grooming

This breed has short but dense hair, and is a medium shedder. They are fairly easy to take care of and do not require much grooming. You should brush their coat regularly and give them a bath an average of once per month. They also need to have the nail clipped back regularly.

The Boerboel breed is generally a healthy dog with few illnesses or diseases. In some cases theses breed has been known to have hip or elbow dysplasia later in life. Juvenile epilepsy has just recently become a problem in some of these dogs. Overall, as long as you provide proper care for you dog on a regular basis, the Boerboel dog can be one of the most loyal and protective breeds there is.

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