Temperament of Boerboels

Temperament of BoerboelsBoerboels make wonderful pets for the right owners.  Boerboels have keen guard-dog instincts.  They are intelligent, obedient and reliable.  Boerboels make great watch dogs.  Owners find them to be fearless and self-assured. This article gives a good overview on the temperament of Boerboels.

Boerboels want to be affectionate and love to play.  A game of fetch could last forever if a Boeboel had anything to say in the matter.  The strong jaws of Boerboels have popped more than a few balls used in the game.  These dogs don’t care.  Play can continue with the damaged toy.

Toward children they know, Boerboels are quite gentle.  The dogs can be ridden like horses.  Boerboels soak in every ounce of attention given.  They are even friendly with other non-canine animals.  Birds can share food from the feeding bowl.  Boerboel puppies should be kept away from aggressive dog interaction.  This will avoid aggressive or fearful tendencies as the dogs mature.  Boerboels become acutely aware of invasion in their territory by wild animals.

A family’s members, friends, and property will be guarded with the lives of these dogs.  No one will be allowed into an owner’s home in his or her absence, unless the dog is familiar with the visitor.  Visitors need to be introduced to Boeorbels when they arrive.  The dogs will accept and welcome these newcomers.

Is Your Personality Compatible with the Temperament of Boerboels?

The owner of this breed must have a dominant personality.  The dominance should be blended with kindness.  Boerboels need to sense that owners have authority over the dog’s actions.  The dogs should feel  that owners are the leaders of the packs.  Having order in a pack is part of the dog’s natural instincts.  The humans Boerboels live with are part of their packs.  There must be a single leader of the pack.  Rules need to be in place and boundaries clearly set.  Dogs communicate displeasure by growling and eventual biting.  All humans have to hold a higher position in the packs than the dogs.  Decisions are made by humans, not dogs.

When raised and treated properly, Boerboels make wonderful family pets.  They have a unique combination of gentleness and toughness.  The Boerbol has been known to be dangerously aggressive when provoked or threatened.  Owners need to be mindful of situations in which Boerbeols are placed.  Living indoors and being made to feel part of the family is the ideal situation as long as plenty of outdoor exercise is provided.

The success of relationships with Boerboels depends on these concepts.  Only an owner who is confident in his or her ability to handle a Boerboel should own one.

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